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Gym Notes™ | Workout Journal

Gym Notes™ | Workout Journal

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Bundle and Save

Gym Notes is the perfect companion for anyone that wants to take their fitness to the next level.

Say goodbye to clunky apps.

Stop getting distracted on your phone and track your fitness the classic way, the way it's meant to be tracked.

Make more progress with ease.

Empower yourself to track your workouts and make more progress, easier than you ever have before.

Track every last set and rep.

Your favorite routines are never further than a page's turn away.


    We offer free shipping with upgrades available. Orders usually ship out within one business day, and the standard shipping option is about 3-4 days for delivery.

    What You Get

    • 60 workout tracking pages
    • 6 custom routine templates
    • 40 goal spaces with completion tracking
    • Custom routine planner and calendar
    • Water intake monitoring
    • Food and nutrition recording
    • Full-sized notes pages


    Who are Gym Notes good for?

    Anyone who works out! Whether it's lifting, running, calisthenics, or anything else, Gym Notes can help you make more progress.

    How long do Gym Notes last?

    It depends on how often you work out, but since there are 60 workout
    sections, if you work out once every day, every day, they'll last two

    Do you charge shipping or handling?

    Not a dime! We offer free standard shipping, with upgrades available for faster shipping times.

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